Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


Monster Truck rides are available throughout the year, but only on weekends.

We allow the possibility of operating the vehicle during the week, but only if a group of 10 interested people gathers - an option for organized groups - for this purpose, please contact our office.

We encourage you to conveniently and quickly make a reservation online, where all currently available dates are listed (we plan the schedule with approximately one month in advance, so if you are interested in, for example, mid-July, it's best to check in mid or late June):

We create the calendar approximately one month in advance and continuously add more dates. If you are interested in a more distant date, please check the booking page about one month before your desired date - the calendar is updated regularly approximately one month in advance.

In case of problems with online booking, please contact our office.

Certainly, there is such a possibility, but no later than 5 days before the agreed appointment. To change the date and/or time of execution, please reply to the reservation email (sent from the address or contact our office.

If the reservation has been correctly made through our website or by phone, we always confirm it via email from the address:

If, due to any circumstances, the appointment is rescheduled or canceled, we will definitely get in touch with you. If you haven't received any contact from us, consider the appointment as current – you are welcome!

In case of any doubts, you can always confirm the reservation by contacting our office.

In theory, yes, but in practice, it depends on several variables, such as the allowable extension of the deadline/validity, where the voucher was purchased (from us or one of the intermediaries), etc. If the voucher was purchased from us, its validity can be conveniently and quickly extended for another year using the extension product. For more information, please contact our office.

To redeem the experience, it is essential to confirm the possession of the voucher. When making a reservation, you need to provide the booking number from the voucher, and before the actual experience, present it to the instructor or send its photo (with the visible number) to the office's email address. In the event of losing the voucher and/or, primarily, its booking number, unfortunately, we cannot proceed with the service.

Online shop

All available packages, along with their prices, can be found on the website:

Vouchers purchased on our website are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, you need to schedule the experience (the actual experience date may fall after the expiration date – the crucial point is the booking date). If the voucher was purchased from one of our partners (sales intermediaries), the conditions comply with the issuer's voucher regulations and specific terms of the offer.

If the validity of the voucher purchased from us expires, there is an option to extend its validity for another year through the extension product.

We send vouchers electronically via email, in a PDF file with a resolution suitable for high-quality printing in A3-A5 format.

We offer two payment options, closely related to the waiting time for the voucher:

Traditional bank transfer – the waiting time for the voucher is 2-3 working days, depending on the time of payment confirmation (to expedite this process, please send the transfer confirmation to the address

Online payment gateway – the transfer is processed through the and one of the selected methods: Blik, credit (debit) card, transfer within one bank; in this case, after successfully completing the payment process, the voucher should appear in your email within 5-10 minutes. If this does not happen, please check your "SPAM" folder, and if the message is still not there, please contact our office.

Voucher redemption details

We encourage you to read the driving regulations, where we have placed all the essential information for the experience. In the case of:

Mini Monster Truck – a driver's license is not required; the vehicle is technically adapted for safe operation by children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18 (the instructor has full control over the gas and brake).

Monster Truck – a driver's license of category B or higher is required. However, we drive in a restricted area not accessible to road traffic, allowing exceptions that are assessed by the instructor on a case-by-case basis (basic knowledge of driving and operating mechanical vehicles is required, such as distinguishing the clutch from the gas)

Buggy – a driver's license of category B or higher is required, and the route includes a small section of public road

Excavator – a driver's license is not required

Certainly! If you wish to bring accompanying individuals, you can expand your existing ride package according to our price list:

+1 adult: 150 PLN (you can share driving time as you see fit!)

+1 child: 80 PLN

Extensions of your existing package can be made on-site by cash payment or through the store by selecting the corresponding product variant.

Riding a Monster Truck is a completely safe experience! The entire execution takes place under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor, on a private track adapted to current weather conditions, and the Monster Truck itself - due to its design - ensures the highest level of safety. There are no dangerous stunt maneuvers during the ride (such as jumps, vehicle stunts, high-speed driving, acrobatics, etc.).

The vehicles go out alternately or simultaneously – there is no specific rule. The quality of the experience does not depend on the color of the body or the specific model – all cars provide a solid dose of adrenaline and excitement!

It's best to wear comfortable, unrestricted clothing. The ride takes place on a track where we often encounter mud in winter and dust clouds in summer – therefore, we suggest wearing clothes that may get slightly dirty (especially footwear).

Our tracks are very spacious, and we welcome accompanying individuals! Depending on the location , there is an opportunity to observe the entire ride from the starting point and/or the track itself, where you can move around (depending on weather conditions). We invite everyone interested to see what the Monster Truck can do!

Absolutely not! Monster Trucks can handle any weather conditions, all year round. We operate in sunny weather, rain, and snow. The more challenging the weather conditions, the more natural obstacles (mud!) that will add excitement to the fun on the track!

We can't reveal everything – the construction details are closely guarded secrets of the company. However, we invite you to check out the subpage containing technical data, which, we hope, will satisfy the curiosity of those interested: For more details, we welcome you to the track!

Basic information

Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Contact the office.

Rides are available throughout the year, but only on weekends (for weekday bookings, a minimum of 10 interested people is required – organized groups are welcome to contact our office).

Gassy (n. Warsaw): Gassy 26A, 05-520 Konstancin-Jeziorna (headquarters of Mistrzowie Imprez) Google Maps:

Jaworzno (n. Katowice): Jana III Sobieskiego 51, 43-602 Jaworzno (area of the old Cementownia Jaworzno) Google Maps:

Rybojedzko (n. Poznan): Polna, 62-060 Rybojedzko (area near Żwirownia Rybojedzko) Google Maps: