Monster Truck - events, shows, marketing
B2B proposal

As the only ones in Poland, and perhaps even in Europe, we have four breathtaking Monster Trucks.
These colossal vehicles attract attention, spark interest, and awe wherever they appear!

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We present a completely unprecedented offer to rent these unique vehicles for brand promotion or events.
The possibilities of our Monster Trucks in this regard are as immense as... they themselves!

For corporate events, we offer:

  • show rides and taxi services for customers
  • wrecks riding shows – Monster Truck Show
  • driving lessons for clients behind the wheel under the supervision of an instructor (Monster Truck Driving Experience)
  • photo shoots, film sets, music videos, and extensive event marketing involving Monster Trucks
  • mobile advertising in the form of city rides, for example, to amplify an event
  • full branding of the vehicle – dressing the trucks in the client's desired colors

Why is it worth it?


Monster Truck as a podium for the company's CEO or a mobile stage for a conference host? We are open to all ideas, even those on the verge of the cosmos.


An excellent tool for event or product promotion. A Monster Truck with your brand's branding will capture everyone's attention!


We love to travel. Therefore, reaching the location of your choice is pure pleasure for us and our machines. Even if we return covered in mud!


Limousines, carriages, or motorcycles – these are the most popular ideas for wedding vehicles. For those who appreciate uniqueness, the perfect way to highlight the importance of such an event will be... the heaviest weight – a Monster Truck!

Other extreme vehicles in our garage include:

Mini Monster Truck

The Mini Monster Truck, a vehicle that guarantees unforgettable moments during the first extreme ride for young drivers!


A dynamic vehicle designed for off-road desert adventures! With its lightweight and open construction, powered by a proportionally strong engine, it features bucket seats and four-point harnesses.


The Amphibious vehicle has been adapted to navigate through deep snow and northern Swedish marshes. In the realities of our climate, there are no off-road obstacles that this vehicle wouldn't overcome!


An attraction similar to a tractor in many ways, it surprises with its simplicity and the joy it brings through its operation!