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In our garage, we now have four powerful Monster Trucks – three extra-large onesfor adults, and one special model designed just for young car enthusiasts. Mini Monster Truckcan be driven by kids as young as six!

But that's not the end of our unique automotive offerings!

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Amongst our collection, we also have the following items:

Nasze unikalne pojazdy gwarantują niezwykłe emocje na każdym wydarzeniu oraz niezapomniane przeżycia za kierownicą na naszym torze. Chętnie współpracujemy z firmami, agencjami eventowymi i hotelami, oferując nasze atrakcje na imprezy firmowe i marketingowe. Nasz Monster Truck to idealne narzędzie promocji dla firm, miast i innych podmiotów. Imprezy, eventy i pokazy z udziałem Monster Trucka zapewnią niezwykłe widowisko, które na zawsze pozostanie w pamięci.

For Kids & Youths

The Mini Monster Truck provides a safe and exhilarating experience for children from the age of 6 who dream of driving a vehicle. The ride takes place under the supervision of an instructor on a closed track, regardless of weather conditions. The ride can last for 15 or 30 minutes, and parents have the option to accompany their children and capture this unforgettable experience!

Our Tracks


near Warsaw (main headquarters of the company)

Our flagship track, which we built from scratch, offers diverse challenges such as inclines and hills. It is here that we showcase the widest range of our vehicles - from Monster Trucksthrough Mini Monster Truck and Buggyto Amphibious vehicle and and Excavator. Located in Gassy, the track provides a moment of respite from the urban hustle and bustle, surrounded by the beauty of nature and, of course, our thrilling attractions!


near Katowice #SILO

Our track, located on the premises of an old cement factory, is a place where everyone can feel like a star at the starting line. Its proximity to the entrance of the popular Gródek Park, also known as the "Polish Maldives," attracts crowds of spectators during the summer season, intensifying the excitement. The approximately 2-kilometer route winds through abandoned buildings, giving the place a unique atmosphere. It is here that the Monster Truck faces its greatest obstacle!


near Poznan

Duda Quarry is a place well-known not only among off-road enthusiasts. Our vehicle is a true gem here. The track, located in a depression that is a remnant of the former quarry, is an area filled with water and mud where many vehicles would get stuck. See how the Monster Truck handles these challenges!

Our Team


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