Amphibious vehicle - Driving Experience

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Experience an amazing adventure driving an Amphibious vehicle! This unique package is a great choice for everyone who wants to feel the highest level of automotive emotions. Jump into this powerful machine and feel your heart beat faster as you tackle the off-road Monster Truck track in Gassy near Warsaw. This incredible ride takes place under the guidance of an experienced instructor who will ensure your safety and guide you through unforgettable stages of the adventure.


Who is the Amphibious Vehicle Driving for?

The experience is designed for any adult who wants to experience unforgettable automotive thrills!


The experience will take place on our Monster Truck track in Gassy near Warsaw.

What does the Experience include? Can the recipient actually drive the vehicle?

Absolutely! The entire experience takes place behind the wheel of the vehicle, with an instructor providing guidance on each stage of the adventure and navigating the track.

Is the ride safe?

Driving an Amphibious vehicle is a completely safe experience! The whole thing is done under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor, on a private area adapted to current weather conditions, and the Amphibious vehicle itself - due to its design - guarantees the highest level of safety.

Can someone observe the drive?

Our track is very spacious, you can come with accompanying people! There is a possibility of observing the whole ride from a specially designated starting place - we invite everyone interested to see what the Amphibious vehicle can do!

Do weather conditions affect the experience?

Absolutely not! The Amphibious vehicle will work in any weather conditions, all year round. We ride in the sun, rain, and snow. The tougher the weather conditions seem, the more natural obstacles that will only spice up the fun on the track!

What should one wear?

Best to wear comfy clothes that don't limit your movement. The event happens on a dirt track, where we often find mud in winter and dust clouds in summer - so we recommend clothes that can handle a bit of dirt (shoes, especially).

Technical data of the vehicle:

  • Vehicle type: transporter
  • Traction: track
  • Crew: 1 + up to 11 passengers in the trailer
  • 100 HP engine
  • Speed:
    • on land: 52 km/h
    • in water: 4,7 km/h
  • Range: 330 km

Additional information


Gassy (n. Warsaw)


1 participant


15 minutes, 30 minutes

Validity period

1 year

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