Mini Monster Truck - Driving Experience

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Experience the thrilling drive behind the wheel of a Mini Monster Truck! This package is perfect for children and teenagers who want to fulfill their car driving dreams. With a brief training session and a ride on the track as the driver, they'll have an unforgettable adventure! At the same time, the Mini Monster Truck ensures safety, thanks to an experienced instructor and a specially designed vehicle for the youngest drivers. Regardless of the weather conditions, the Mini Monster Truck guarantees excitement all year round!


For whom is the Mini Monster Truck - Driving Experience intended?

This experience is designed for children and teenagers, who want to fulfill their dreams of driving a car! The adventure can begin as early as 6 years old in the company of a parent or legal guardian. 


The ride will take place at a track located in Gassy near WarsawWatch our track and check the directions to get there.

What does the Mini Monster Truck - Driving Experience include?

The experience includes a brief training session with an instructor and a ride for the child as the driver of the Mini Monster Truck on the track.

Is the ride safe?

Driving a Mini Monster Truck is a completely safe experience! The activity is carried out under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor who has full control over the safety of the ride. The vehicle is designed to allow even the youngest drivers to operate it. The Monster Truck is equipped with special seats, brake pedals, and a gas lever for the instructor, as well as mechanisms that adjust the driving speed according to the participant's age and skills. The package is conducted on a closed track, and the Monster Truck itself guarantees the highest level of safety due to its construction.

Can someone observe the drive?

Our track is very spacious, and you can come with accompanying persons! There is an opportunity to observe the entire ride from a specially designated starting area. We invite everyone interested to see what the Monster Truck is capable of!

Do weather conditions affect the experience?

Absolutely not! Monster Trucks are capable of handling all weather conditions throughout the year. We operate in sun, rain, and snow. The more challenging the weather conditions, the more natural obstacles we encounter, which only add to the excitement on the track!

What should one wear?

Best to wear comfy clothes that don't limit your movement. The event happens on a dirt track, where we often find mud in winter and dust clouds in summer - so we recommend clothes that can handle a bit of dirt (shoes, especially).

Additional information


Gassy (n. Warsaw)


1 dziecko + 1 rodzic (opiekun), 2 dzieci + 1 rodzic (opiekun)


15 minutes, 30 minutes

Validity period

1 year

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