Driving at the wheel of a Monster Truck for 1, 2 and 4 people

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Driving with Monster Truck for one, two or four people. Participants can change behind the wheel! The ride will be accompanied by an instructor, who will familiarize you with the secrets of the vehicle and lead the adventure in a comfortable atmosphere. The gift is intended for a couple, group of friends or family who want to experience an unforgettable experience!

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Who can use the bundle?

The bundle can be used by any adult who wants to live through an unforgettable and extreme moto experience!

Where does the ride take place?

Rides take place in Gassy (near Konstacin- Jeziorno) at a specially prepared track that lets you test the capabilities of a Monster Truck in extreme field conditions.

See our track (youtube.com) | Check how to get there (maps.google.pl)

Will the person who receives the gift be able to drive a Monster Truck?

Of course! Vouchers are redeemed behind the wheel under the supervision of an instructor, who guides you through individual stages of your adventure as you advance through the track.

Is the ride safe?

A Monster Truck ride is a completely safe experience! The whole process takes place under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor on a private track that’s adjusted to current weather, and the Monster Truck itself – due to its construction– guarantees the highest level of safety. There aren’t any dangerous stunts during the ride (jumps, wreckage demolition etc.).

What should I wear?

It’s best to wear comfortable clothes that don’t obscure motions. Don’t forget that the ride takes place on a track, and there’s a lot of mud (wintertime) and sand (summertime) – we suggest you wear clothes that might get a little dirty (it especially concerns footwear).

Can anyone watch the ride?

Our track is very spacious, so you can come with friends! There’s a possibility of observing the whole ride from the specially designated starting place (ca. 200m from the track) through binoculars (we always provide two pairs) and – a tip for photography enthusiasts who want to arrive with their own gear – telephoto lens. Rides can also be observed from a closer distance, however observers have to walk to the track on foot. In summer it’s not a problem (you can get there with dry feet) but in the winter we suggest you wear field footwear or even take a pair of wellingtons for change. We invite everyone interested to see what a Monster Truck can do!

Do weather conditions affect the performance?

Absolutely not! A Monster Truck performs well in all weather conditions throughout the year. We drive in the sun, rain and snow. The more severe the weather conditions get, the more natural
obstacles appears (muuuuud!), and that only gives more fun!

Additional information

Czas trwania

15 minut, 30 minut, 40 minut


1 osoba, 2 osoby, 4 osoby

Termin ważności

1 rok


Warszawa (25 km od centrum), Katowice (około 40 km od centrum)

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